Bike school Red Pump is a non-profit organization created in the spring of 2019. At our master classes, children, teenagers and their parents learn to ride a bicycle in a metropolis, get acquainted with the rules of the road, acquire the skills of independently servicing a bicycle and eliminating basic breakdowns, and also communicate with bicycle travelers, proriders and cycling enthusiasts — residents of our cycling club.

According to a World Health Organization study, the level of physical activity of 80% of schoolchildren is below the recommended minimum — one hour a day. WHO recommends the creation of hiking and cycling opportunities and the development of behaviours that will keep children physically active throughout their lives.

On our own example, we form in children and adults an attractive image of a modern citizen, easily choosing the type of movement, confident in his own strength and capable of making independent decisions.

Bicycle is one of the images of changes in modern cities. It unites four important values at once — health (through physical activity and the development of coordination), social adaptation (a person remains in contact with people and the landscape), environmental friendliness (up to 90% of the pollution of the modern city is given by cars) and transport independence (a bicycle is available to everyone and makes movement accessible even to children).

It is time to influence the future of Russian cities, changing the daily habits of small citizens to the best. We will cause interest in cycling with the child — families will follow them — pedal the streets together!

Bike School Red Pump
Zubovskiy bulvar 2/4
Moscow, Russia

+7 995 794-28-62

Photo by Denis Schepinov